Born in Frankfurt Höchst, (1954) I grew up in Germany with an  affinity for the English language from my early teens, which led to the study of American literature and my MA in 1980. Later  bio-dynamic farming and Anthroposophy set me on my life’s path.

I studied a Goethean approach to art, and then Art Therapy at Tobias School of Art&Therapy (Diploma 1997). I taught there from  1998, and at the London Rudolf Steiner House, as well as other cities and venues, until I returned to Frankfurt 2010.

Here, I hold courses at the popular VHS (City College for public Adult Education), I provide bereavement counseling and recently qualified as a Focusing Guide (sessions available online).

I see my work as „a space between“ – a space of calm and focus in an ever more scattered and shattering world. Art heals what life tears apart.

I am available for workshops internationally. In a dialogue with you, we will find the appropriate themes for your setting. From 2013 to 2019 I was able to give workshops “Anthropsophy through Art” in different anthroposophical groups in Taiwan. Covid politics have interrupted this activity.

I wrote about my methods and ideas in my CD book Colour pathways for the soul. This book is currently under revision.


Introduction // Painting as ‘Soul Building’ // The importance of J.W. Goethe’s colour theory for transformative painting today // Picture pages and practice sequences // On contemplative drawing // Art and Salutogenesis. Drawing plants. // Educating the imagination

Colour Pathways for the Soul may well constitute the best use of pdf media ever presented to the world. Cläre Kunze’s beautiful book would, in the world of paper printing, cost several time’s its current price in order to render each painting or drawing in all her exercises and examples at a size and quality that would be both informative and inspiring.

The content of her book is wonderful to behold. I have never encountered a better explanation of the conversational, soul building, heart opening qualities that are truly what anthroposophical painting and drawing is all about. When one listens with love to the colours and forms that emerge on paper, beauty springs forth with a joy that makes the heart sing.

You’ll also find her explorations of Goethe’s colour theory and its role in Steiner’s artistic impulse to be very clear and warm, and her understanding of this form of art and its potential for world healing to be both deep and true.

(©Nancy Parsons 2011, with many thanks)

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